Things I Thought I Knew

I used to think that when I was ..say… 18 years old, with my high school diploma in hand, I would know what I needed to know to meet (and beat) the world.  I set out for college with high hopes, a great work ethic and a goal to graduate with a degree in four years.

In 1958 this was a reasonable assumption.    LIFE IS NEVER AS SIMPLE AS IT SEEMS.     I soon found that there was a multitude of things I was not prepared for.   I had many many lessons to learn; lessons that I learned by living life.   My experience has been that there is always a lesson in the situations in which I find myself.

Sometimes I recognize the lesson and consent to accept the teaching gracefully; other times, I know intuitively that a situation has something in it for me to learn; most of the time, though, I am more than knee-deep in something before I recognize that there is a lesson in it..for ME..and although I could still refuse to learn,  by the time I realize that I am knee-deep in a “very smelly substance”, I might as well keep going.  I believe that “The only way out, is THROUGH”.  What else can a seeker do?  If one wants the Truth, how can she turn away when it is put in her face?

I am thinking on this today because many truths are coming up for me  at this time and not all of them are pleasant.

Strangely enough, I find myself wanting to assure YOU who are reading this, that I am getting through the changes that these truths  have brought by the force of sheer will;  if I can do it, you can too.  Believe it yourself, and you will see.  Faith in oneself   and the courage   to continue to keep walking on no matter what,  plus willingness to open your mind and heart to new ideas will teach you what you need to know:  not only how to survive but to thrive in your surroundings.

My final words to you are:  LOVE LOVE LOVE and then LOVE SOME MORE!    Love yourself, your neighbor, those  people across the seas, people of different faiths, races, political beliefs.  …and finally I  hope that you have a belief in a power greater than yourself.   I urge you also to find meaning in your life by helping others in the ways that you are able, with the talents that you have been given.

You may think that I am either crazy or too idealistic:  well, maybe so..but I have learned many a hard lesson …the hard way.     I hope if you do think I am nuts,  you will reread this in a year or 2, or after you have been through a very rough time in your life and see what you think then.    One more thing to share with you…HAVE FUN!   Find the joy and laughter in life..inside yourself.

I offer you these words with love, humility and gratitude for what I have learned.

Thank You MA   You taught me and love  me well; I am so grateful

Love, Nandani