God Works Out The Details or Master Class in Loving



My friend Millie never ceases to surprise and amaze me with her unfailing enjoyment of life…the simplest things bring her the most joy.   When she is joyful,  she “bubbles” over with it ,  and I feel so blessed  to share the experience that has brought this joy to her.

She became a “gramma”  herself a short while ago.  She had not seen her son for several years and was not sure if she would be able to see the child before  leaving her body.  
She decided to discontinue treatment for a serious medical condition a month ago.   She  spoke to her son about this decision, and  it was then that God stepped in and took over their lives, beginning the process of healing this family.  (these are my words and my interpretation of  God’s role in the script of my friend’s life..).

I talked with her this weekend and this is what she told me about her recent visit with her son’s family.

Me: “”Did you see the baby?”

Millie: “Oh Yes!” “I held her..”  “..on my bosom..”  her voice became thick with remembering…and as she talked, I began to remember my own kids, and my grandkids, sleeping on my bosom.  She continued,” I could hear her breathing…”  she stopped speaking but I could feel the baby’s breath on my bare skin, smell the “milky, baby smell”  and feel the beat of the little heart….and for a few moments, Millie and I were wrapped in the same dream, the same experience, with each other and with every mother who ever held a  small figure on her bosom as the child slept. 

I will always believe that God was there with  us and had brought about the circumstances that allowed us to share those moments together, even though we were not present in the actual moment..at  the same time..God brought us together in a deep sharing,  for which I am so very  grateful.

I am so happy for my friend and her family.  I believe that when a soul is in the stream of God’s will, all things are possible.

Love,  gramma