We created a family.

Some families are formed  through   “Genetics”  giving us our family of birth.  Sometimes we get to form a family of “choice”….people not necessarily related to us by blood but by beliefs, experiences, ideals   and the things we love in life.   I say those families of choice are CREATED by us; Miss Daisy and I formed a family…our creation.

I want to share a poem I wrote when we were separated ..I was in the hospital and Daisy was in a cage at the ‘doggie doctor’s’….my heart was broken.


July  24, 2008

I lay down to sleep

I feel your head begin to settle

against my knee;

Your body snuggles closerand closer

 to my leg

as you relax.

You become lighter and lighter

And we start to float



Into our dreams


Together…at home.

(From baby Girl #1 by Flo Clark  07/08)

Sincerely, Gramma


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